25th Annual Hike-A-Thon,  April 21, 2018

"Working Together to Preserve the Wooded Backdrop of Historic Jacksonville"

 The program began at Cedars on 4th, the Jacksonville Community Center, at 4th and Main, with executive director Larry Smith presenting his slide show program on the history of the JWA.  You can watch the presentation by clicking on  Larry's History Presentation

While Becka Kem led a stroller-friendly hike to the arboretum, Smith led a more strenuous guided hike up Third Street and then onto the Woodlands' trails.  During the way, he pointed out the various parcels of land that had been acquired to make the trail system possible.








Joan Long was the oldest person to participate on the hike, and at 3 weeks, Henry Brodie was the youngest.






  Lunch at Doc Griffen Park was provided afterwards by Jacksonville Chiropractic Clinic.  GoodBean Coffee supplied morning coffee.  The Mustard Seed Cafe and Forty-Five Coffee provided baked goods.

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